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Essay human body parts

essay human body parts

serve unique functions and are distributed in different parts of the body. Purpose and Functions, the main purpose of the respiratory system is to deliver oxygen to the body and to take away carbon dioxide. They all work together for one purpose: the body's survival. The respiratory and endocrine system works with all the system by controlling their actions and how they perform their tasks. It is divided into the axial and appendicular skeleton. Skeletal muscles make up a big percentage of muscle mass in the human body ranging from 36 percent to 42 percent depending on the gender of the person.

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The immune system is made up of white blood cells and various lymph nodes. They work together to aid the body in performing its numerous functions and giving it commands. The skeletal system protects the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, and digestive system with structures such as the rib cage and the skull. System Organs, nose: where air is inhaled and exhaled. Some symptoms are coughing, wheezing, chest tightness or shortness of breath. All the systems in the human body are vital to our survival and well-being. It also kills the bacteria caught in mucus and therefore helps both the respiratory and immune systems. The digestive system is composed of the stomach, mouth, liver, pancreas, and the large and small intestine. The main organs are tendons, smooth muscles, skeletal muscles, and cardiac muscles. The muscular system helps the nervous system by giving it control of almost the whole body. Lastly is the cardiac muscles.