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Essay on playing truant

essay on playing truant

the parents of consistent truants must pay. What are the Consequences of Truancy? Truancy means being absent from school without a valid reason. Mangal (2007:497) states that, truants try to challenge and defy.

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Truancy is an unexcused absence from a particular class or the entire school day. Stepping in to importance of gender equality essay stop bullying. Share Your Story, Join the Discussion or Seek Advice. Individual (personal) factors related to child truancy include: lack of self-esteem/social skills/confidence; poor peer relations; lack of academic ability; special needs; and. You can play a part in preventing truancy by: Never playing truant. Students who play truant also have low self-esteem and become social misfits. Financial problems can also cause a student to stay away from school. Never allowing truants to cheat or copy from you on work that they've missed. Joining in local anti-truancy campaigns. It is a situation whereby a pupils wants to avoid further struggle with teachers or other pupils by withdrawing from the school situation so as to reduce incidents of conflict and embarrassment. Redirection of community resources to "catch" truants.

These absences do not have formal approval, are against the law and have long lasting consequences. Bad Influences, one of the common causes of truancy and disruptive behavior in children is the influence of friends and peers. Parents of consistent truants being ordered to parenting classes.

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