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Human population essay

human population essay

of global concern, including environmental deterioration, population explosion, economic stagnation, industrialization, widespread malnutrition, depletion of natural resources and urbanization etc. This is considered to be the epidemiologic transition. Population is not a bad thing in all situations, but I think that our population growth problem is un-healthy and needs to slow down. The net migration rate in Malawi, according to estimates made in July 2012, was zero (Index Mundi, 2013). There has been a rapid increase in the worlds human population over the last few decades (unfpa, 2011). Growing population will result in the depletion of natural resources such as water, fossil fuels (Hubert, 1982 deforestation and loss of ecosystems; and emergence of new diseases. The neo-Malthusians or the pessimistic view had more concerns about the effect that population growth would have on environmental degradation. Joel Cohen, How Many People Can the Earth Support? It is now estimated that the world population will be around.1 billion by the year 2050. Whether or not this issue will continue to be ignored or not remains to be seen.

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He proposed the idea that while human population grew exponentially, the food resources grew only arithmetically. Many people see this growth as a threat while others interpret it a different way. Over the last few decades there has been large scale destruction of the tropical forests mainly to make land available for agriculture and for urbanization. For instance the population in the developed countries like Europe and America is growing at rate of only.1 per year while in developing countries the growth rate is over.5 per year. Of the two theories on population growth, I support the neo-malthusian theory of pessimistic views based on the following justifications. Overall, immigration into Malawi can be evaluated as low or close. Such environmental factors like environmental pollutants and over crowding have essay referencing mhra provided the need for change. African Institute for Development Policy.

Population Growth 5 Problem and solution essay. Have you ever thought what will happen with us in our nearest. We will write a custom essay sample. Overpopulation is excessive human population in an area to the point of overcrowding, depletion of natural resources.