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She entered the competition as a student of Lahore Grammar School International. A student at Nanyang Girls' High School, she enjoys: "living in fantasy worlds and dreaming" through reading..
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Calpurnia - The Finches black cook. Children speculate as well as the adults. Aunt Alexandra - Atticuss sister, a strong-willed woman with a fierce devotion to her family...
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This was because it was among countries that were terribly affected by the economic crisis. It created 42 new agencies. Debt level is unprecedented. However, corruption became a..
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Good housekeeping essay submissions

good housekeeping essay submissions

is pub-lished only online (unless its a well-known website) or published only in an anthology that winners have to pay to receive. Im ever-the-optimist because not only have I made a fantastic income from my writing for the 14 years of being a freelance writer, Im also convinced that right now, today, you have more opportunities than ever to make freelancing pay. Adventure Publication s - nature outdoor nonfiction publisher; outdoor/wilderness fiction mysteries. How to pitch: What they pay:.50 per word. But where is all this high-paying work to be found? The following are not open to freelance submissions: Your Week Ahead, On the Block, Cooking, Miss Conduct, Dinner With Cupid. Essence Essence is where black women come first for news, entertainment and motivation. Website: m Contact: For Newsfeed: Kayla Webly For Entertainment Online: Mehera Bonner For beauty health : Jennifer Goldstein Online: Digital Director Jessica Pels How to pitch: m/about/news/a2709/contact-us/ What they pay: 2 per word. Reviews pay 500; other prose 1000 and above.

Website: m Contact: Features Director Rachel Heinrichs, How to pitch: What they pay:  1/word. Adventist Review, USA - editorials, devotionals, and news of deeply spiritual topics. Before you enter, here are eight big questions to consider.

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Website: m Contact: Thomas Stackpole How to pitch: For print - For digital - What they pay: 1-2/word. Website: m Contact: Diane Salvatore How to pitch: m What they pay: 1-1.50/word. Dont mistake these for minor details. Entering good contests can pay off in some interesting ways, even if you dont win. NEW york times magazine The New York Times Magazine is a Sunday magazine supplement included with the Sunday edition of The New York Times. And with that in mind, writers have become less and less interested in reaching out to readersand less and less encouraged by their teachers to try. Audubon Audubon is the flagship journal of the National Audubon Society. There are plenty of good reasons to enter writing contests, but there are also plenty of reasons to be cu boulder submit thesis careful about the ones you choose. There are still dozens of publications that we are told pay more than 1 a word, but which we havent been able to independently verify.