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One look at me and our connection grew stronger. Weiss studied at Yale and graduated in 1968. . While I felt euphoric, he was on cloud nine. Until successful..
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The Princeton Review and others have noted that about 70 percent of those who take the SAT take the writing test and that a majority of those taking..
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Essay on motivates

essay on motivates

energy which a person exerts on a job. (g) Their lower-order needs are stronger than higher-order needs. So motivation among employees will lead to better industrial relations. Rather than focusing on the needs as a source of motivation, the outcome of behaviour or action is the source of motivation.

Dubin: Motivation is the complex of forces starting and keeping a person at work in an organisation. They are also known as survival needs. They do not lie outside the job. Some of these motivators are discussed here:.

Essay about motivation, english, essay, examples

essay on motivates

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Therefore, when the intensity of a need decreases, it ceases to be a strong motivating factor for action. This will reinforce employee behaviour in future. The human resources approach, on the other hand, asserts when workers join a job, they do so with the intention of doing well, and their performance on the job gives them satisfaction. Techniques to Increase Motivation: Every management tries to select certain motivational techniques which can be employed for improving performance of its employees. Motivational techniques are classified into two categories.e., financial and non-financial. This can be achieved only when employees co-operate in this task. However, both sets of assumptions about human nature in Theory X and Theory Y are not found in actual management practices. From the managers perspective, it is important to understand what prompts people, what influences them and why they perform particular actions.